Beauty Recipes: Infusing Oil

infuse body oil3

When it comes to DIY skincare, nothing is easier than infusing oil. The method is easy and the concept allows room for you’re own personal magic. We infuse oils for our scrubs, serums and my favorite…body oils. Working with locally-souced, organic flowers and herbs to create oil infusions treats various ailment and the possibilities for combinations and uses are endless.

There are various methods for infusing oils, but now that summer is here, we prefer the good ol’ fashioned sun-soaked method.

1. To start, select an organic, cold-pressed vegetable oil of choice. We like to use Sunflower oil (deeply nourishing and great for dry skin) or Grapeseed oil (great for sensitive skin and absorbs into the skin easily).

2. Next, gather a blend of dried flowers and herbs. You can also include a vanilla pod (cut into small pieces) for that  deliciously sweet scent. Have fun with this part! There are so many beneficial uses for herbs and flowers so do a little research or trust your intuition. We love to work with rose, lavender, chamomile, calendula, marshmallow root, vanilla and the list goes on…

3. Fill a glass mason jar with the herbs/flowers and pour the oil over until the the jar is filled. Take your time with this step and think about your intention for the oil as it pours over the herbs. This oil will become part of your beauty ritual so give it purpose (that’s what makes handmade products so personal). After the jar is filled, we like to add a few drops of flower essence to amplify the intention we’re working with. You can find some great flower essences through Lotus Wei and Delta Gardens.

4. Label the jar and include the date. Set the jar on your window sill where it can soak in the sun. Let the oil infuse for 2 weeks and each day give the jar a gentle shake.

5. After 2 weeks, strain the oil using a nut milk bag or fine mesh strainer and store your oil in a glass jar of choice.

Happy crafting!