Burgertime at Oinkster

IMG_4840The Oinkster had been on my list of places to try since I moved to LA 10 years ago.  It seemed like when talking burgers, the original Oinkster in Eagle Rock always came up in conversation. But it was only when I moved to Mid-City this past year that I became a frequent customer (at the Hollywood location). As it says on their site, “House-cured pastrami or sloooow-roasted pork  compete for diners’ attention with juicy burgers made from freshly-ground Nebraska Angus beef, first-rate rotisserie-roasted chicken and crispy Belgian fries.” And I couldn’t agree more. Normally, I’m the girl that finds the one thing on the menu I like, and then I stick with it, but not with this place…. I personally have had the cheeseburger, the chili cheeseburger (seen above) and the Cluckster. OMG. All three are awesome. A trusted Rueben connosier tells me theirs is also a must have! You can’t go wrong… xo Cait

ps. They sweeten the deal with ice cream shakes made with the always delicious Fosselman’s ice cream!

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