Cannonball Baby Shower!

cannonball1If there is one thing that our group of friends loves to do, and does ever so well, is throw a party. And I don’t mean your typical chips and red drink cup kinda party. This crew goes ALL out. And I love us for it.  I think that the past 5 years of wedding seasons and babies being born somehow turned us into legitimate party planners. I also think we no longer even know how to throw a ‘regular’ party. I kid you not, for this year’s 4th of July party, my family’s contribution was an actual fruit sculpture. Sometimes I feel like, hey, maybe I don’t have to go 500% on this. And then I laugh, and think, well yea, you don’t have to, but don’t you kinda waaaant to? So anyway, I bring you this past weekend’s baby shower, for the Canavan’s and their incoming Cannonball!

There was a dual-level theme going on here… cannonballs, but with a sort of old school rock n roll feel. Because obviously that’s a thing, right? And you can’t just have one theme. That would be too easy.19490234838_4799b45785_zThe real thing that tied it together was a set of customized “printables” purchased on Etsy from Squawk Box Studio.  They are responsible for all of the print design you see here. (We did the printing, cutting, putting together part.) As always, I can’t say enough good things about Etsy . If you don’t know already, I’d be surprised, but it is the absolute first place to go when you need anything personalized. It’s a great platform that connects real working artists  and craftsman with the everyday person looking to make their Pinterest dreams come true, and it’s my favorite place to shop.19671151502_484c1353e4_z19490269090_a8ef230e90_zWe counted cannonballs, we played the ‘Dont Say Baby’ game, we wrote well wishes on newborn diapers and of course we had flash tats. Party Goddess Mia is to thank for getting together most of the decorations and finding the amazing animal print slap bracelets (!!!) but more importantly, for the genius introduction of temporary tattoos to our party throwing guidebook. That was a a serious crowd pleaser. I was actually sad to see mine wash off 2 days later.19055666824_5c588aa933_z19652043186_7bf67ec1c2_z19682750491_1a1385fcd4_z19678257275_e1650a10f3_zPersonalized decorate-able onesies anyone? Yea, we got that. Family Industries you da best.19055665944_e6d6f7bff8_zAnd yes, we DID label the snacks and salads. The tags were too cute not to use. So hey, maybe you thought that was a pasta salad, but now you totally know it is a pasta salad, and you are dazzled with cuteness.19682743321_b687806e73_z…AND THEN THERE WERE CUPCAKES! I tend to go a little overboard when it comes to cake, and this time was no different. The cannonball theme was too fun not to just run wild with.19057328173_2aee863b84_z19055676214_8ea119d418_z19057325093_c291282547_z19055674944_3b5c0e1565_z

AND GIFTS! (You know you want that wine and cheese t shirt in your size….)19057307043_574389dbf4_z

Everyone went home with a clipping of a Jade plant from the Hopkey family’s backyard. It was the perfect gift to end a special day spent celebrating our growing LA family. xo Cait19490236318_18a352345a_z