Countdown to Baby: A Pregnancy Photoshoot


I just can’t believe it, baby Samuelson is almost here! Looking back, pregnancy has been an interesting ride with few complaints. I managed to keep myself super busy and now that I’m officially in the hurry-up-and-wait nesting phase, I’m finally taking that breather to prepare for his arrival. While physically, it’s been completely necessary to ease up (cue the aches, interrupted sleep and swollen hands and feet), mentally it’s been difficult to separate myself from my usual instinct to go, go, go. Luckily, I’m surrounded by the most supportive and excited group of friends. To commemorate the little man’s arrival, my group of girls decided to celebrate by organizing a day of dress-up; thus, turning me into Mother Earth and staging a fun photo shoot to remember this stage of my life.

Seriously though, is anything more fun than playing dress-up?

We started the afternoon by making flower crowns. For a tutorial, check out our previous blog post here. Each came out so unique and different.


Next came the make up, hair and paint…



And of course the painting of the belly.



Don’t I have a beautiful group of friends?






Any ideas what we should do for our next shoot?




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