Healing Matters: Sound Bath Training

sam playing bowl
Sound Baths- where to begin? Just the thought of the intricate overtones and frequencies that you experience during a sound bath makes me giddy. A sound bath is the experience of sound and vibration that’s played as an improvised concert. You are literally bathed in the vibrations from the planetary gongs and crystal bowls. Music and dance are my church, so it’s no surprise that I would be so drawn to the healing modalities of sound. Sound healing means “coming back into tune”. If you live in an urban city (like I do) then you’re constantly surrounded by stressful frequencies like cell phones, radio waves, traffic, chatter, stimulation, noise and the like. As individuals, our nervous system will entrain with the frequencies around us and all of this commotion can affect our moods, sleep, energy, thoughts and the like. Therefore, the theory behind a sound bath is to tune us to a higher frequency, open our right brains (the creative side) and ground us to a state of “om”.


This is Jamie Ford and she is a sound bath goddess. I first attended one of her sound bath events at Yogala in Echo Park. I couldn’t believe how powerful and intense the experience was. I had never felt sound like this before, it was as if I could hear the entire universe moving. I immediately wanted to learn more, and not just learn, but play these powerful instruments.

Kristen Bowls 1

Fast forward through pregnancy, birth and newborn phase, I was ready to take a class with Jamie. My dear friend, Kristen Huffman, had attended one of Jamie’s Integratron retreats and immediately jumped on the opportunity for a 1:1 session with Jamie.

sam playing 2 bowls

Oh what a powerful experience it was!

kristen gong

Words can’t even describe the immense power you feel from the sound generated from the gongs, bowls and tuning forks. Did I mentioned that the gongs and the forks are tuned to the frequencies omitted by the orbits of the planets & moons in our universe? Playing these gongs literally feels like you’re standing at the precipice of the universe while each speaks to you.

sam gong happy

After the session was over, my entire being felt lighter, brighter and focused. I can’t wait to learn more and start to amass my little collection. First up, I’d like to find a 14″ crystal bowl tuned to G#…



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