Mindful Baby Products for a Healthy Lifestyle


Our modern world is full of toxins and nutrient-poor food which is why it’s more important than ever to be conscious and thoughtful about the products and foods we introduce to our most precious, yet vulnerable little babies. The rise in Contemporary Chronic Childhood conditions (aka the 3Cs) like autism, allergies, ADD, mood disorders, digestive disorders, tooth decay, cancer, obesity etc. are directly caused by the rise of toxins and nutrient-poor foods that cripple many areas of the body. As a new parent, I try my hardest to be discerning when it comes to baby products and I try to maintain that same mindset that I apply to skincare and food. Below is a short list of some of the essentials that we just can’t live without:

1. Sage Spoonfuls Glass Jars – It seems like all baby products today are made from plastic so when there’s a glass or wood option, please choose these! Glass is always the healthier choice, especially when it comes to food and milk. Plastic leaches toxic chemicals including estrogen. For an eye opening read that will inspire you to overhaul your kitchen, please click here. When I make my weekly batches of baby food, I use these jars to portion our all serving. I leave two jars in the fridge and then I store the rest in the freezer.

2. Baltic Amber Teething Necklace  – Just when you think you’ve found your groove, your little one begins teething. There’s little relief, and we’ve found that frozen watermelon juice popsicles and his amber necklace help with the pain. Please note that these necklaces are meant for wearing and not chewing. We prefer to wrap the necklace around his ankle when he sleeps at night.

3. Mothers Lil Helper Odor and Stain Remover – This cleaner is a miracle worker. It’s a non-toxic, natural liquid enzyme that organically removes stains and odors and is safe to use on any surface that can be cleaned with water. I’ve used this all-purpose cleaner on everything you can imagine, plus, it’s safe for use around pets and children.

4. Life Factory Bottles – I can’t stress enough: glass, glass, glass.

5. Holle Organic Baby Formula – Breast is always best and despite returning to work, I’ve managed to maintain the breastfeeding for the past 8 months. Unfortunately, a business trip to Austin depleted my frozen stash so I needed a back up option for daycare (just in case he’s still hungry). In my opinion, there’s no formula that can come close to the nutrition that breast milk offers but I did my research and Holle Organic Baby Formula was the only one that I felt comfortable using; it’s a German company where the organic rules and regulations are much stricter than the US. Unfortunately, it’s not readily available in the US, so I order it through Amazon. For a more comprehensive read and the reason I chose this brand, please click here.

6. Water Wipes –  I love these wipes because they are 99.9% water with just a drop of grapefruit seed extract. They’re simple without any harsh chemicals.

7. Infant Probiotics – I had to take antibiotics during labor so I made the decision to start Finn on probiotics from the start. Designed specifically for infants, Natren’s Life Start probiotic supports the gastrointestinal system and creates a healthy digestive environment. When you have a healthy digestive system, you absorb more nutrients which leads to better brain development. Did you know that 80% of your immune system is located in your gut? Create the best environment possible.

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