Rainbow Chip Frosting Wannabe #1

IMG_5483You may or may not know, but Betty Crocker discontinued their Rainbow Chip frosting at the end of 2013. Needless to say, people got upset, myself included. Hundreds of thousands of people took to the internets to try to get Betty Crocker to reverse their decision… Heck, even Katy Perry got involved! But as of today, it’s gone from grocery store shelves and eBay shops (where I saw it selling for $30+ a tub?!) So what’s a girl to do? Google it, and improvise.

Rainbow chip is the classic frosting pair to the ever famous Funfetti cake, with the sprinkles mixed into the batter. It has tiny, soft morsels of rainbow colored goodness mixed into the white frosting. I remember this cake combo appearing at countless birthday parties growing up. The taste is truly nostalgic for me in all of its super sweet manufactured glory. In college, I used to eat it by the spoonful, no cake needed (I promise I don’t do that anymore).

The trick would be to get the consistency, flavor and vibrant colors all just right.



Wilton’s Rainbow Chip Sprinkles happen to be little bits of chocolate, covered in a bright colorful candy shell. When mixed into any (store bought or homemade) vanilla/white frosting, they give you the perfect color and shape of the little bits of the OG Rainbow Chip. The hitch is, they are crunchy, not soft and chewy like the real thing is supposed to be.



My experimental frosting was delicious, yes, but the bits remain crunchy until Day 2. A two day old cupcake is definitely not a bad thing, but by then, the colors also begin to run and spread across the white frosting. They look and taste great. And I HIGHLY recommend trying this trick out. But it just wasn’t perfect.

IMG_5484I’ll be testing out a second idea to replicate this timeless favorite next month. So, stay tuned if you’re a cake nerd like me! xo Cait

QUICK TIP: use leftover rainbow chip sprinkles to make yourself a cheery ice cream sundae! xo Cait






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