Saying Goodbye to 2014

photoI’m writing this post from a hotel room in New Orleans. Although I’m traveling for work over the New Year’s holiday, I have some downtime to reflect on 2014 and ready myself for the year to come. As December comes to a close, so does my shopping fast. Ultimately, this fashion diet was much easier than I had expected and really, I didn’t even miss my shopping fix. By abstaining from shopping, I created more physical, financial and mental space to focus on bigger picture goals. I’m happy to say that I achieved my biggest goal within this 6 month period and I truly believe it happened because I was able to shift my energy to pour all focus into the desired area (which had to do with my career). Along the way, I used a few tools and I can’t sing their praises enough. You may think these are little woo-woo but they worked for me so I’m sharing in case they could potentially help along your journey.

Blissbombed: 7 Miracles – Intention setting workshop, next session begins in March. This program provided an incredible foundation, support and the tools to achieve major goals.
Lotus Wei: Flowerevolution – 6 month transformative flower elixir program featuring a new flower and focus each month.
House of Intuition: Middle Pillar Ritual with Naha – Energetic healing session using mixed modalities followed by a reading.
Kundalini Yoga: Yoga West – Called the “yoga of awareness”, this practice focuses on breath, meditation and chanting.
Soundbaths: Jamie Ford (Yoga West uses gongs and crystal bowls at the end of each class too) – Experience of sound and vibration
Have a wonderful New Year. Cheers to 2015!


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