Burgertime at Pharo’s.

IMG_7129_FotorPharo’s Burgers is in Alhambra, off of Garfield and Atlantic, riiiight across the street from an In N Out that always has a line around the block. (Pharo’s was actually spotted and added to my list while waiting in said In N Out line.) I’m not gonna lie, the burger was only so-so. Definitely not much compared to what you can get across the street for a little more waiting in a line. But the chili cheese fries? Yea. Those you should  definitley check out. Perfectly spicy, cheesy amazing goodness for $5. As you can see below, I barely touched the double cheeseburger, but those fries were gone in no time. I suggest next time you find yourself in the eternal In N Out line in Alhambra, send your passenger out for a little chili cheese fry starter ;) xo CaitIMG_7133_Fotor

Burgertime at Lucky Boy.

Lucky Boy is a walk-up/take out spot off of S. Arroyo Parkway in Pasadena. Fun fact: It is right across the street from where the VERY FIRST Trader Joe’s opened in 1967 and still stands today!


Their burgers have thin patties, lots of chargrilled flavor and that good old shredded lettuce. Add in the biggest bag of fried zucchini you’ve ever seen and plan to be full for a good day and a half. The double cheeseburger is pictured here, but I’ve also had a damn good bacon burger in the past. And from what I can see written up about them online, it sounds like their breakfast burritos are some of the best around!! I guess we’ll just haaaaaave to go back!!  xoCait




Burgertime at In-N-Out.

I’ve been to In N Out countless times, but it just never seems to get old. The double-double is one of my absolute favorite burgers around.  It’s no hidden gem, sure. But they are reliably delicious, affordable and usually pretty quick! (If you live near one and have not been, then you are certifiably crazy, and you should go, right now.)

IMG_5763THIS TIME AROUND WAS DIFFERENT THOUGH. I decided that if I was going to blog about it, I should go big, and get the 4×4. Yep. You heard it. 4 patties & 4 slices of cheeeeese, please! When our ‘Guest Number’ came up as ’44’ I knew it was meant to be.

I love me some In N Out, but I gotta say, I wouldn’t do the 4×4 again. Too much meat. I think maybe a 3×3 would be the way to go? UNTIL NEXT TIME! xoCait


Burger(&HotDog)time at Carney’s.

Carney’s will always be a special place to me. Yes, Carney’s, the hot dog slinging train car on Sunset Strip. It was one of the first restaurants in Los Angeles that I fell in love with. Why?


1. Delicious food at affordable prices 2. They have been serving the same thing, in that same spot since 1975 and 3. it’s proven to cure even the worst of my bad moods (and hangovers).

I suggest going with a friend. Each of you order a hot dog. And split a cheeseburger and fries. You can’t lose. xo Cait


Burgertime at Astro Burger.

IMG_5444Astro Burger. Surprisingly enough, there are A LOT of Astro Burgers in Los Angeles. The two that I frequent, and can attest to the delight they will bring you, are this ONE on Melrose and this ONE on Santa Monica Blvd. I thought they were part of the same chain, but after checking the internetz, it doesn’t seem like they are? Strange.

Both establishments are awesome. Both have the delicious fried zucchini pictured below. Both have shredded lettuce on their burgers. And both have lots of veggie options for your burger-hating friends!! xo Cait


Burgertime at Pie ‘n Burger





For February, I’m going to feature a long time favorite burger joint of mine, Pie ‘n Burger. It’s a classic burger that can only be found in good old classy Pasadena. It first opened in 1963 on California Blvd., just east of Lake. And there it still stands! A truly old school diner, with mostly bar seating at their original 70s style formica bartop, complete with wooden swivel chairs and a menu (including at least 20 types of pie!!) permanently posted on the wall. I have had lots of Pie ‘n Burger in my 30 years of life, seeing as my Grandmother introduced me to this place at a young age. But there’s a simple reason we keep coming back… the cheeseburgers are DELICIOUS. The patty, the bun, the whole package will not disappoint. I promise. And if you don’t believe me, then Ill let Zagat and Jonathan Gould convince you.

 Ps. They cater too. xo Cait

Burgertime at Oinkster

IMG_4840The Oinkster had been on my list of places to try since I moved to LA 10 years ago.  It seemed like when talking burgers, the original Oinkster in Eagle Rock always came up in conversation. But it was only when I moved to Mid-City this past year that I became a frequent customer (at the Hollywood location). As it says on their site, “House-cured pastrami or sloooow-roasted pork  compete for diners’ attention with juicy burgers made from freshly-ground Nebraska Angus beef, first-rate rotisserie-roasted chicken and crispy Belgian fries.” And I couldn’t agree more. Normally, I’m the girl that finds the one thing on the menu I like, and then I stick with it, but not with this place…. I personally have had the cheeseburger, the chili cheeseburger (seen above) and the Cluckster. OMG. All three are awesome. A trusted Rueben connosier tells me theirs is also a must have! You can’t go wrong… xo Cait

ps. They sweeten the deal with ice cream shakes made with the always delicious Fosselman’s ice cream!

Burgertime at Grill Em All

The Bohemoth. Now this burger, is a serious burger. Named for a Polish death metal band of the same name, it is a ridiculous burger with grilled cheese sandwiches for buns, tons of cheese, bacon, pickles and beer soaked onions.

IMG_4792It is decadent. And craveable. Oh my, it is good.

IMG_4786If you live in Los Angeles and aren’t familiar with Grill Em All, you should be. They have a food truck roaming around town as well as a restaurant in Alhambra (right next to a movie theatre! make it a date!) where they dish up crazy metal themed burgers. A lot of fun. And oh so delicious. xo Cait


Burgertime at Mo Better Burgers

The burger at Mo Better is so good, you wont believe your taste buds. I think the picture below speaks for itself. I took one bite, and I immediately wanted everyone I knew to meet me there. It’s one of those sneaky strip mall places in LA that may look unassuming from the street (corner of 9th and La Brea), but is turning out high quality, amazing food. And the staff is THE BEST. So friendly and equally as welcoming. You should go, soon. Note: THEY CLOSE AT 5PM so get there early my friends. I hear they are expanding, and will be open for dinner again soon! Until then, go for lunch Tues-Sat xo Cait

mo betta

Burgertime at Capitol Burgers

IMG_3461I love burgers. And LA is a great place to get one, or two… with chili fries. And since I’m trying to blog more, I’ve decided to chronicle my burger adventures. The beauties above are from one of my new favorites, Capitol Burgers on Pico near Crenshaw. It’s a shack. Cheap. Delicious. Go there for a double cheeseburger. NOW. xo Cait