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Happy (belated) International Women’s Day!

Sam and I are fortunate enough to run with a tight knit crew of super talented, beautiful and powerful ladies here in Los Angeles. We get together often and chat daily. We are family. I’m truly lucky to have such a group of supportive, awesome women in my life. A few Sundays ago, we celebrated a little with our annual family photoshoot and some volunteering for the Downtown LA Women’s Center

When the opportunity arose to do some “good” together, we jumped at the chance. The “Snack Pack” program through the LA Women’s Center was an easy, inexpensive and effective way for us to help less fortunate women in our local community. We bought enough food to fill 90 lunch sacks, each with a PB & J sandwich, bottled water, fruit, string cheese & granola bar. (The Center provides you with ‘menu guidelines’ for the sacks.) Then we got together to assemble them. I dropped them off at 2:30pm at the Center in Downtown’s Skid Row, and it was as simple as that! They were promptly handed out as a to-go dinner that the women can bring with them to wait in line for a bed at one of the other shelters for the night. Oftentimes a person that waits in line for a meal at dinnertime misses their chance to get in another line for a bed for the night. And honestly, that’s a choice no one should have to make.


DSC_1017DSC_1018DSC_1059 Hi Charlie Girl. I see you peeking over Mommy’s shoulder! Something like this is an easy, fun way to get the kids involved with volunteering too. Ours were still a little young still for the job, but hey, they can claim they’ve been volunteering since birth on their college applications!

DSC_0995DSC_1060This is definitely something we will be doing a few times a year. Hopefully next time we can get more people involved and add more snacks to the bag! If you are interested in doing something like this yourself, contact the Center here!

As an artist and photographer, I’ve always been inspired by strong, independent women and fascinated by the various ever-changing roles all of us ladies play everyday. And I regularly make this particular group of ladies model for me. They are always game to get dressed up and have a little fun, thank goodness. Usually there’s some sort of crazy costume or theme I have in mind, but this time, I wanted to celebrate us, as us. An annual portrait.16433713387_53e94535f7_k16615072716_a3c5e908f8_k16641003075_9941290380_k16639996602_cb5919eb4f_k 16640002912_a69b8e73b4_k16641010895_efa35eb1b3_k

It’s funny how hard it can be for me, who would rather be behind the camera or covered in makeup and a wig, to take studio portraits. But I think they came out great. And I know they’ll look even better to me when I’m 70. xoCait