Floral Homework: Bridal Bouquet

This past weekend wrapped up Floral Arranging 101. For the final assignment, we had to create a bridal bouquet. I was in Encinitas, San Diego for the holiday weekend and spent about an hour driving around to all the local floral stands hunting for flowers. I was able to find some beautiful antique roses, lisianthus, mums, dahlias and a pretty herbal, vine-like flower ( the name escapes me). Because I was away from my tools, I was unable to finish off the stems with ribbon but I made do with the resources I had. Overall, I absolutely loved this class and plan to keep up my practice. Few things bring me as much happiness as flowers and I’m so excited to have a foundation for arranging.



Floral Homework: Crown of Flowers

flower crown

The beautiful and ever so trendy flower crown; I just love these, especially when they look extra wild and ethereal. I was amazed at how easy these are to make. For this assignment, I decided to work with blue cornflower and baby’s breath. First you start with some floral wire and tape and you build the base of your crown. Next, you tape together little bunches of flowers. Then, you attach each little bouquet to the crown with floral tape. Voila! rsz_img_0867




If you’re interested in signing up for this class, please visit Nicole’s Classes here


Floral Homework: English Arrangement


This week, we were tasked with creating an “english arrangement”. If executed correctly, the arrangement should appear effortless and a bit wild, like all of the flowers were just picked from the garden. Luckily, I was able to find a great assortment of local flowers from the farmer’s market, and I was especially pleased to find a few stems of garden roses (which smell so delicious and “rose-y”).


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Floral Homework: Hand Tied Bouquets

I’m 7 months pregnant, completely exhausted all the time and couldn’t be busier so I decided to sign up for an online floral arranging course. I’m not quite sure who I think I am, that I can pile my plate up even higher but what the hell….flowers just make me so happy! The course I’m taking is through Nicole’s Classes and I highly recommend checking out their selection of crafty classes; they have everything from photography to sewing and design.

This week, I embarked on my first homework assignment: the hand tied bouquet. After a quick trip to the flower mart in Downtown LA, I prepped each stem. And of course, I had to work with crimson dahlias; they’re my favorite.

prepped flowersLet the arranging begin!

gathering the bouquet

Time to trim the stems (although, the long stems create a wild, bohemian look)

holding the bouquet

A hand tied bouquet will stand

the bouquet stands

The flowers in all their glory

the flowers

The hand tied bouquet makes for a great arrangement because you can also prop it up beautifully in a vase

bouquet in a vase