This is the fourth post in a series of reflections on our adventures with Lotus Wei’s 6month FloweRevolution movement! This program focuses on the powers of a brand new flower elixir each month, and since we’re doing it together, we wanted to share our thoughts as we finish up each batch. We’re 2/3 the way through the program now and can’t recommend it enough… Even if you can’t swing the next 6 month program (which is taking sign ups NOW), we highly suggest you look at the other elixirs available to see if there is one that speaks to you. We really couldn’t be happier with the results! Click HERE to look back at last month’s post, where we focused on the Black Bat flower elixir.


SAMANTHA: July ended in a state of exhaustion and depletion and a monumental lesson in priority, trust and surrender. But August cracked me wide open in so many. The month began with my yearly journey to Esalen in Big Sur. I still can’t quite put into words everything I took away from the trip but it provided profound perspective and a deeper understanding  for my purpose. Maybe it was the workshop, maybe it was the bodywork, or possibly the people but something magical definitely happened. All I can really say is that I’m along for the ride right now. Without giving up too many personal details, I can honestly say that I feel like I’m living each day in a higher frequency. The impossible is feeling much more possible and I’m finally starting to understand what I’m capable of. Fears have diminished, my one-to-one interactions feel more connected and I’m manifesting my intentions at a much quicker rate. To top off this spectacular month, I purchased a brand new 2nd chakra crystal bowl and I can’t wait to connect with it. Oh sweet bamboo, thank you.

CAITLYN: August is by far my favorite month of the year, which has a lot to do with the fact that it is my birth month, making it generally  full of celebration, feasting and the hard to ignore Summer sun (also three of my most favorite things). This year was no different. But boy oh boy did I manage to get a lot of things done amidst the celebrating and birthday cake! For once it felt like time was on my side, and I did my best to pack it in. Besides a month’s worth of birthday festivities, there was a lovely weekend trip to celebrate a wedding held on an island off of Washington. Plus, we managed to put the finishing touches on our back house AND rent it out, start a new training regimen with our goofy black lab, take photos for the new Peacock Apothecary website and I painted our duplex’s front doors red! Another month gone by now that I’m going to have to say I owe a lot of my strength and direction to the Lotus Wei elixir. The word I keep coming back to when talking about the effects of these flower elixirs is “effortless.” I’m a busy bee anyway and get a lot done in any average month, but usually it feels like a struggle. Like there aren’t enough hours in the day or weeks in the month for me to get through my to-do list. But somehow I managed to get an amazing amount of shit done in August, while barely even noticing how effective I was really being! It all just, happened.


This is the third post in a series of reflections on our adventures with Lotus Wei’s  6 month FloweRevolution movement! This program focuses on the powers of a brand new flower elixir each month, and since we’re doing it together, we wanted to share our thoughts as we finish up each batch. Click HERE to look back at last month’s post, where we focused on the Peony flower elixir.


What a month. July was chaotic and intense to say the least. My work and personal life were battling for time and work definitely won. With 2 weeks of travel on my plate, I found little to no time for myself (or even my family). I stayed committed to taking the black bat elixir but had little time for introspection and meditation. Amidst all of the craziness, I did find myself exerting a fierce amount of protection over myself. I was over extending myself but I wasn’t doing so quietly. Exhausted and drained at the end of my travels, I managed to squeeze in a healing session with an incredibly powerful shaman. I had numerous recommendations for her work within my close circle. So when I found myself in New York, I squeezed in a last minute session on my way to airport. Juliana Sabinson, you are the real deal and have a powerful gift. Besides the fact that we worked on compassion during the session (hello Black Bat), the most intuitive and powerful thing she told me was that I need to learn to trust and release. Because I’m also juggling, going and trying to push through, I’m in constant hunt and survive mode. I need to learn to trust that the universe has my back and I need to let myself be taken care of by my husband. If I don’t do these things, the universe will force me into this situation through sickness where I will learn what’s it’s like to really be taken care of. Few things have resonated with me as powerfully as that simple, yet complex advice. While July was an incredibly tough month, the Black Bat showed me that I need to choose myself and for that, I am grateful.

As I mentioned in last month’s post, I wasn’t feeling much of the love and gratitude that a lot of the other women in the program were feeling from the peony elixir. I ended the month feeling more like I’d been run over by a train than anything else. I was exhausted and feeling disappointed. It wasn’t until Week 3 of taking the Black Bat elixir daily when I realized my energy was lighter, I was less irritable and life just seemed more manageable. And when I took the time to think about where, why or how this could be, I realized I had made a major shift, while barely even realizing it.  I found myself committed to 2-3 Pilates classes a week, a daily meditation practice and writing in a journal on the nights I couldn’t sleep. To put this in perspective, I had barely been to Pilates 2 times in the last year, have honestly never had a regular meditation practice and haven’t journaled in at least 5+ years. So yea. Big deal. These are things I had been “meaning” to commit to (for an embarrassingly long time now) because even doing them here or there left me feeling more grounded, peaceful, and just plain happier. You’d think those feelings alone would be reason enough to stick with these good habits, but I have always found a way to fill up any extra time with work or some other nonsense, rather than myself. But this month, missing a workout or meditation just wasn’t an option. And I can’t help but think that the Black Bat elixir had something to do with helping me to be strong and compassionate for the one person I usually forget about… ME! See ya next month!


This is the second post in a series of reflections on our adventures with Lotus Wei’s FloweRevolution movement! The 6 month program focuses on the powers of a brand new flower elixir each month, and since we’re doing it together, we wanted to share our thoughts as we finish up each batch. Click HERE to look back at our first post, where we focused on the Royal Poinciana flower elixir.



Oh the peony, how I love the peony. Not only is it one of my favorite flowers, but I also have three tattooed alongside my peacock. I was so excited to see the pretty, pink peony elixir arrive at the beginning of June. When I read about the essence  and spirit of the flower, I couldn’t wait to get to know the peony on a deeper level. Getting acquainted with this elixir took some time though. Reading words like magnetism and abundance made me think I was going to manifest my huge dreams. I wasn’t seeing much action and honestly, June was a trying month. Then it hit me. Katie had released a guided meditation to accompany the peony. The meditation triggered the essence of the flower and I could feel my heart explode with gratitude. From that point forward, I couldn’t get enough and I managed to finish the bottle before the end of the month. The peony elixir helped me feel love and appreciation during trying times. And , I made it through the month with rose tinted glasses on. My head bows to the precious peony.

This month was a little less than climactic for me. I was/still am seriously over the moon with all the positive things I put forward in the month of May. And I can’t help but think that the addition of the Royal Poinciana flower elixir to my regimen helped to push me along. June, however, not so much. Ha. I felt like the month just flew by and left me spinning in its wake. Like I said in the last post, the simple act of stopping to take the elixir 5x a day can be a helpful exercise for a busy bee like me. And focusing on the good things in life during those 5 moments a day has an even more powerful effect. So don’t get me wrong, I am 100% invested. It’s just that somehow last month, the whole experience felt more profound. There are a lot of other tools (guided meditations, plus online calls & a support group) that I have access to by being a part of the movement. And I was definitely better about keeping up with them during the first month than the second, so I’ve made a pact with myself to take better advantage of them again in July. There is something very exciting about beginning every month with a new elixir, and a new focus… like a fresh start 12 times a year!! I’m coming for you July…


Lotus Wei is crafting a gorgeous line of amazing and powerful flower based elixirs, serums and sprays for “a little re-tuning” of the body and mind. Everything that Katie Hess, creator of Lotus Wei, has to say about her flower remedies seems to just make sense. Taken from her beautiful website, “Flower alchemy is simply another way of receiving the nourishing properties of plants- but instead of taking in oxygen, you’re taking in pure flower essences, suspended in water- liquid energy that transforms your mood and your mind through your acupuncture meridians.” But it’s more than that. Her idea of a FLOWEREVOLUTION where transforming oneself is the key to transformation for all is not just poetic, but completely true. After all, we only really have control of our own self anyway. Where else is there to start?

We highly suggest you check out her site and try one or two of her products. You won’t be disappointed!! We both just started the latest 6 month FloweRevolution {Sky} program, that focuses on the powers of a brand new flower elixir each month. It seemed like a good idea to do some writing at the end of each month to track our own transformations and then share them with you, so expect a regular report from now through the Fall!


I participated in the previous 6-month FlowerEvolution program {Earth}. I found that the essences provided a unique kind of support for my daily life and helped me achieve some big goals I had set forth. Because of the profound effect I experienced, there was no doubt that I’d continue onto the second program {Sky}. Within the first week of taking the Royal Poinciana flower essence, I found that I was able to speak up for myself in ways I normally wouldn’t have before. Difficult conversations which may have resulted in stress, anxiety and potentially a fight, flowed with balance, purpose and a sense of calm. I was more confident in my ability to speak what was on my mind and ask for what I wanted without second guessing myself. Although these conversations were hard, they ended up productive and I felt proud that I was able to speak my mind with balance and ease. The end of the month was a bit of a whirlwind. I embarked on a 1-week Ayurvedic cleanse the week before my moon cycle. I was cleansing, pms-ing and just generally feeling like the world was against me. Not only did Royal Poinciana support my outward communication but it also helped me communicate with myself. I was able to recognize the outside factors affecting my mood without outwardly expressing what was going on in my head. The crazy in my head was a result of the cleanse and my hormones and it would have been unfair to unleash that on anyone. The support of the flower elixir helped me get through the week. I’m back to myself now and ready for the next month of getting to know the Peony flower.

I have always been interested in the idea of flower elixirs. (I highly recommend Bach’s Rescue Remedy drops for any kind of anxiety and/or sleeplessness. They totally work.) So when Sam started raving about the FlowerEvolution {Earth} program, I knew I had to get onboard for the next iteration. And I am so glad I did. I’ve committed for the next 6 months to carry a little vial and dropper around in my purse and drip liquid magic under my tongue, 5x a day. For someone like me, who forgets most days to eat lunch, stopping to do ANYthing for myself 5x a day in and of itself is a step in the right direction. The act of stopping, taking a breath and remembering what it’s all about, is a powerful thing. But looking back at this past month, it was more than just the ritual of it all that has me looking forward to the arrival of June’s elixir. I’ve really noticed an energy shift that is so subtle, that it’s hard for me to even really explain. Within 4 days of starting the program, I found myself  being more confident and assertive in situations where I normally might keep my mouth shut and regret not saying something later. It was like words were just falling out of my mouth before I even had time to think about not saying them. (I’m normally a BIG overthinker- the type that talks herself out of an argument before she’s even opened her mouth). I’ve been speaking more honestly than I think I ever have. And the response has been wonderful! It’s been a big month for me, with our house closing escrow and a move that tried to kill me, but throughout it all there hasn’t been a lot of double-thinking and useless chatter in my head. I’ve never felt so clear and confident. Whatever it is. I like it. I suggest you stop and smell the flowers today…